Gardening in Winter   2 comments

It’s been a long winter in the Northeast US, but the days are getting longer and I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I ordered my seeds last night, a little late this year, but I’m going to be away in March, so I can’t start anything inside until I get back. I enjoy spending the winter evenings planning this summer’s garden. I cut up last year’s catalogs so I can arrange plants side by side and get an idea of color combinations. Here a few photos I took last summer to give me inspiration:


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In Memory of my Father   1 comment


I haven’t posted in about a year because my parents had some health issues.  In the past 3 months I lost both of my parents, most recently my father.  My father was a gardener, I learned almost everything I know from him.  For his 75th birthday, about 9 years ago, I took him to London to the Chelsea flower show.   These photos were taken at the show and I thought I’d post them today to remember the nice times we had enjoying our gardening hobby together.


rhodohypoxis (red star) and sempervivum (hens and chicks)

various thymes

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Retro Plants   2 comments

I recently stayed at La Concha Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico and for a moment I thought I was back in the 70s.  I looked around the pool area and there were 2 of my favorite 70s house plants – the ponytail plant and asparagus fern.  I had both of them in my bedroom when I was a teenager and houseplants were all the rage.  Cool!

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Last of the Mohegans   Leave a comment

Yesterday I noticed this surprise – I still have violas blooming (Bowle’s Black).  I live near the ocean, so my climate is a little milder than most of Massachusetts.  So from March 10 when I took this photo of my first crocus until now I’ve had something blooming in my backyard.  The key to stretching the seasons is to plant early early bulbs in a protected place (like against the south facing foundation) and some cold tolerant plants like violas and Montauck daisies.

Another tip to stretch the season is to plant things that look good even after the blooms have finished.  For instance, I didn’t cut down my sedum yesterday when I was cutting everything to the ground.  The flowers are now dry and still attractive.

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Autumn in New England   Leave a comment

autumnWe usually only get great color for a few days before a windy rain storm brings all the leaves down.  Here’s a great shot of all the different colors – the burgundy Japanese maple (which will get more brilliant in Nov), the orange Red Sunset Maple (next to light post),  the red kousa dogwood in the foreground, the yellow hostas, the yellow threadleaf japanese maples up by the house, the yellow magnolia near the white car and the green lawn.  And of course we’re expecting that rainstorm tonight!

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Italian Beauty   1 comment

villa d este 1

I took a trip to Italy and visited Villa d’Este in Tivoli outside of Rome.  The garden is astounding, this is a photo of the Hundred Fountains, but there are more fountains all over the garden.  The water keeps the garden cool on even the hottest summer day.  If you are ever in Rome, I highly recommend a day trip to Villa d’Este.<\font>

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Cutting Garden – Part 2 – Dahlias   Leave a comment


Another great plant for late summer cutting is dahlias.  Like gladioulus, they require a little work in that you have to dig them up in the fall.  I also find it helps to plant them in a pot in the spring, so you can get a little jump on the warm weather.  Then when it’s warm enough, transplant to their garden location.  This one is Thomas Edison, and it makes beautiful cut flowers.  Again, the more you cut the more you get.  So plan ahead for those dog days of August when the garden is looking a little tired, and plant some dahlias to brighten up your backyard and dining room table.

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