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Butter Yellow Bulbs   Leave a comment

After several years of trying to get the color combination right, I think I succeeded this year.  I have planted several rows of bulbs immediately behind my daylilies.  When the bulbs come up in the early spring, the daylilies are also just coming up and don’t block them.  As the daylilies grow, their foliage hides the dying foliage of the bulbs.  For daffodils I have planted Safina, Rosy Cloud and Bahama Beach.  Then last fall I dug up the pink tulips and replanted yellow darwin hybrids, Jaap Groot.  I like this combination much better, just lots of shades of yellow and white, with a touch of peach.  The Jaap Groot also have varigated leaves, which I’ve never seen before.  And the hybrid darwins are supposed to come back a little better than other tulips.  I also tried a tip I had read on Dave’s Garden last fall, I planted cloves of garlic in the trench with the tulips.  I think I threw in a small clove every 5 feet or so.  It was supposed to keep varmint away and it worked.  Not only did no one eat the bulbs underground, which wasn’t too much of a problem for me anyway, but no one chewed on the new foliage as they emerged this spring, which is a problem, I have bunnies around.


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Double Orange Emperor Tulips   1 comment


I love these tulips.  They have been blooming through a heat wave we had here and seem no worse for the wear.  I always lose my tulips every spring, because we have a one or two day heat wave right when they are blooming.  You can’t tell me there’s no global warming.  But these are doing well, and I love the color.

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Autumn Joy – And Spring and Summer   3 comments

I’ve really learned to appreciate sedum.  I used to think of it as just a fall flower.  But this year I noticed how pretty it was right from spring through now.  I made myself a note to plant small pink tulips to grow up through the pale green sedum in the spring.  And in the summer it is taller, healthy looking and still pale green and it provides a nice backdrop for the brighter colored summer flowers (see the previous post, notice the sedum in the background).  I do like the ever popular “autumn joy”.  I have another one that’s about the same height, but the flowers are more purpley, and I prefer the dusty rose color of the autumn joy.  Then I have a shorter one, about 6″, which doesn’t stand upright, but flops over my pathway, which is nice. It’s flowers are darker than the autumn joy, more of a wine color. And I just bought a new one this year which is really short, about 1/2″, and it hasn’t bloomed at all.  I’m not sure if it’s supposed to, but it makes a nice fill-in for the front of the border.  Sedums are very easy to start from cuttings, that’s how I started the 6″ one, just stick a couple cuttings in some loose soil, don’t let it get too wet. And my favorite thing about sedum is all the bees it attracts when it’s blooming.  I just love sitting in my garden watching the bees go in and out, it’s so calming to me, I’m not sure why, but I can spend 5 or 10 minutes just staring at the sedum.

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Late Spring Bulbs   3 comments

I ordered about 400 bulbs late last summer and when they all arrived in the fall and I looked at them in the boxes I realized I had bit off a little more than I could chew.  But with the help of my 2 girls and my husband, we got them all planted.  Now we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.  I plant the cutting garden in the photo above with lots of flowers sequenced from early spring until fall.  The very front of the garden is daylilies, their foliage hides the dying bulb foliage right behind them.  Just behind the daylilies, I planted 3 types of daffodils, and behind them, some impression tulips.  The tulips will need to be replanted, so I kept them separate.  Behind them I just planted my gladiolus, I usually get them in a little earlier.  Then I leave a walking path.  Then I plant zinnias, tithonias and sunflowers.

Back to the bulbs.  The first daffodils to bloom, with the impression tulips, were Safinas.  I was lukewarm about them.  But now, in the photo, are Rosy Cloud and Bahama Beach.  I bought the Bahama Beach from Brent and Becky’s and they were written up as fragrant.  I never heard of nice smelling narcissus, but these do smell heavenly, and they are very tall.  I really like the combination of the 2 of them together.

Next, in my purple garden, I added a lot of grape hyacinths, which were supposed to be mixed colors, the photo in the Netherland catalog showed shades of blue, but I actually got white and dark blue/purple, nothing in between.  I also planted Shirley tulips and Cum Laude tulips.  The Shirleys are the lighter ones, they start almost pure white, I was ready to complain that I had received the wrong bulbs, but as each day goes by, more and more purple shows up.  They are really very nice.  Then you can see some alliums that are getting ready to open, and a small burgundy iris that I got from a friend.

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Tulips in the City   1 comment

Here’s a lovely combination outside a Bank in Boston.

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Garden for all seasons   3 comments

Since it’s getting to be spring bulb planting time, here’s a picture of my cutting garden.  It is crescent shaped, it borders a circle of lawn.  In the front I plant daylilies, several different types mixed together to stretch out the daylily season.  Behind that I’ve always planted tulips, and then after they bloom, I dig them up and plant my gladiolus, throwing the tulips away.  Behind that is a path and then zinnias, Mexican sunflowers and regular sunflowers.  This fall I’m going to plant some daffodils directly behind the daylilies, because they won’t need to be dug up every year, and the daylily foliage will hide the dying daffodil foliage.  Then I’ll put some tulips behind those.  The key to this garden is quantity.  I had to use 4 packages of zinnia seeds to get it to look full, and I planted about 100 glad corms.

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