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By the Light of the Moon   2 comments

I finally have had success with moonflowers.   I have never been able to get the seeds to germinate in previous years.   This year I happened to see small plants in my local nursery, so I grabbed 2 and planted them on either side of my arch.  They ran up each side and met in the middle rather quickly, but I didn’t get any flowers until very late August.  They truly don’t open until dark, and if you get up early, they are still open in the morning.  It’s a little messy, the dropped flower bracts are all over the lawn, but I throw them into my compost bucket as I walk by heading to the compost pile.  I think I’ll leave the plants and give them some winter protection and see what happens.  I may also try starting seeds again this winter, early, so I can put out well established plants if this year’s don’t make it.  It’s unfortunate that they don’t flower in the summer when we are sitting out there – they are big, waxy and fragrant.  It’s too chilly to really enjoy them in September.


Posted October 3, 2011 by cindyeo in garden, moonflower