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Butter Yellow Bulbs   Leave a comment

After several years of trying to get the color combination right, I think I succeeded this year.  I have planted several rows of bulbs immediately behind my daylilies.  When the bulbs come up in the early spring, the daylilies are also just coming up and don’t block them.  As the daylilies grow, their foliage hides the dying foliage of the bulbs.  For daffodils I have planted Safina, Rosy Cloud and Bahama Beach.  Then last fall I dug up the pink tulips and replanted yellow darwin hybrids, Jaap Groot.  I like this combination much better, just lots of shades of yellow and white, with a touch of peach.  The Jaap Groot also have varigated leaves, which I’ve never seen before.  And the hybrid darwins are supposed to come back a little better than other tulips.  I also tried a tip I had read on Dave’s Garden last fall, I planted cloves of garlic in the trench with the tulips.  I think I threw in a small clove every 5 feet or so.  It was supposed to keep varmint away and it worked.  Not only did no one eat the bulbs underground, which wasn’t too much of a problem for me anyway, but no one chewed on the new foliage as they emerged this spring, which is a problem, I have bunnies around.


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Spring Windowbox, continued   Leave a comment


Actually, the windowbox looks pretty good without the grape hyacinth (see previous post).  The greenery from the muscari fill in the box and the daffodils aren’t as sparse as I thought they were going to be.

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Double Orange Emperor Tulips   1 comment


I love these tulips.  They have been blooming through a heat wave we had here and seem no worse for the wear.  I always lose my tulips every spring, because we have a one or two day heat wave right when they are blooming.  You can’t tell me there’s no global warming.  But these are doing well, and I love the color.

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Spring Windowbox – Phase 2   Leave a comment


So now the daffodils are blooming, but the grape hyacinths are gone by and look terrible.  I’m going to have to deadhead those tomorrow.  And next year either find something that will bloom at the same time, or plant more of the later bulbs, so they will look good by themselves after the muscari are gone.

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Update on Spring Windowbox   1 comment


The grape hyacinths are starting to open.  I really like this choice for a spring windowbox, because you get a long period to enjoy them.  Unlike most bulbs, the grape hyacinths are attractive for a long time before they open.  See my previous post on April 5.  Right now they look  a little bit like Spanish lavender, with the little “bee” tops.  I also have figured out the phase 2 bulbs, they are small daffodils, but not open yet.  I’ll keep you posted.


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Narcissus – Rijnveld’s Early Sensation   Leave a comment


Did you know that daffodils don’t all come up at the same time?  There are 13 different divisions of daffodils, and some are early, some are mid-season, some are late.  Then of course it depends where you plant them, those in a sunnier, warmer, spot will bloom before those in a more shady area.  These are my first of the year daffodils, Rijnveld’s Early, Division 1.  This photo was taken today, and this is a very sunny spot, although it’s not up against a warm concrete wall, which would have made them bloom even earlier.  Think about that when picking out bulbs this fall, you want to have a range so you can enjoy them for more weeks next spring.  Brent and Becky’s have a great catalog explaining all the divisions and bloom times.

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Spring Windowbox – Muscari   1 comment


This year’s spring window box starts with grape hyacinths. They are just starting to open, although the ones in the ground aren’t even up yet. These are ahead because they were in the garage all winter. Then I know I planted something else to come up through them, but I can’t remember what. I guess it’s just going to be a surprise.

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