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The Courage to Use Just White   2 comments

I love color. When looking through gardening catalogs I’m always attracted to the brightly colored flowers. My perennial garden is a riot of color in the summer. But I’m starting to see the beauty and serenity of just white. I have only planted white flowering shrubs along my foundation in the front of my house. It’s not boring, I have lots of different textures and shades of green along with white azaleas, hydrangeas, a white clematis. And I saw this windowbox last summer. I think it looks great with all the different ferns and a few white flowers. Take the plunge and try a white and green garden.


Posted February 22, 2011 by cindyeo in asparagus fern

Retro Plants   2 comments

I recently stayed at La Concha Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico and for a moment I thought I was back in the 70s.  I looked around the pool area and there were 2 of my favorite 70s house plants – the ponytail plant and asparagus fern.  I had both of them in my bedroom when I was a teenager and houseplants were all the rage.  Cool!

Posted January 9, 2010 by cindyeo in asparagus fern, garden, ponytail plant