By the Light of the Moon   2 comments

I finally have had success with moonflowers.   I have never been able to get the seeds to germinate in previous years.   This year I happened to see small plants in my local nursery, so I grabbed 2 and planted them on either side of my arch.  They ran up each side and met in the middle rather quickly, but I didn’t get any flowers until very late August.  They truly don’t open until dark, and if you get up early, they are still open in the morning.  It’s a little messy, the dropped flower bracts are all over the lawn, but I throw them into my compost bucket as I walk by heading to the compost pile.  I think I’ll leave the plants and give them some winter protection and see what happens.  I may also try starting seeds again this winter, early, so I can put out well established plants if this year’s don’t make it.  It’s unfortunate that they don’t flower in the summer when we are sitting out there – they are big, waxy and fragrant.  It’s too chilly to really enjoy them in September.


Posted October 3, 2011 by cindyeo in garden, moonflower

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  1. I love moonflowers! To make the seeds germinate (should you try again in the future) you have to scarify them. Rub them on sandpaper to break through the hard seed shell and then plant the seeds. You can also snip the tip with a pair of fingernail clippers being careful not to damage whats inside. You can soak the seeds over night to help in the germination process. I missed planting them this year. It is nice to see yours.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I probably soaked them when I tried before, because I always soak my morning glory seeds. I’ve never tried to nick them, though, so I’ll try that.

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