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In the Doldrums   Leave a comment

Mid summer can be a slow time in the flower garden.  But with a little planning it doesn’t have to be.  Now is the time that annuals are hitting their stride.  I have zinnias, cosmos, petunias blooming.  But you want something you can basically plant once and forget, you say?  How about some of the flowers in the photo above, taken one week ago – bee balm (mine’s been blooming since the 4th of July), rudbeckia (black eyed susan), coneflower (mine is white, the most popular is the pinkish purple one), there’s still a couple rose campion blooming (magenta on the far right), and a couple Johnson’s perennial geranium (far left, also magenta).  So look around your neighborhood and notice what’s blooming now and remember to plant it next spring.


Posted August 1, 2011 by cindyeo in bee balm, cone flower, rudbeckia