Miniature Orchid – Dendrobium Kingianum   Leave a comment

I’ve had great success getting my moth orchids (Phalaenopsis Amabilis) to rebloom, but I never had luck with much else.  I inherited this dendrobium kingianum from my father this year, and low and behold, look what happened.  I read that it liked cool winters, so I put it in my basement under a grow light and started feeding it with a dilute orchid fertilizer in January.  This photo was taken on April 10.  I really don’t do much for my orchids, except water once a week or so.  Never more than once a week, sometimes I’ll go 10 days.  I put them in my kitchen sink, let the water run through them to wet the bark, then, depending on the time of year, I put them back in their cache pots and pour the diluted fertilizer in.  I let them sit in that for about 30 min, then pour it off, and put them back on the windowsill.  I grow my moths in a south window.  Right now the kingianum is outside in dappled shade.  These orchids are really very easy.


Posted May 28, 2011 by cindyeo in orchid

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