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Miniature Orchid – Dendrobium Kingianum   Leave a comment

I’ve had great success getting my moth orchids (Phalaenopsis Amabilis) to rebloom, but I never had luck with much else.  I inherited this dendrobium kingianum from my father this year, and low and behold, look what happened.  I read that it liked cool winters, so I put it in my basement under a grow light and started feeding it with a dilute orchid fertilizer in January.  This photo was taken on April 10.  I really don’t do much for my orchids, except water once a week or so.  Never more than once a week, sometimes I’ll go 10 days.  I put them in my kitchen sink, let the water run through them to wet the bark, then, depending on the time of year, I put them back in their cache pots and pour the diluted fertilizer in.  I let them sit in that for about 30 min, then pour it off, and put them back on the windowsill.  I grow my moths in a south window.  Right now the kingianum is outside in dappled shade.  These orchids are really very easy.


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Butter Yellow Bulbs   Leave a comment

After several years of trying to get the color combination right, I think I succeeded this year.  I have planted several rows of bulbs immediately behind my daylilies.  When the bulbs come up in the early spring, the daylilies are also just coming up and don’t block them.  As the daylilies grow, their foliage hides the dying foliage of the bulbs.  For daffodils I have planted Safina, Rosy Cloud and Bahama Beach.  Then last fall I dug up the pink tulips and replanted yellow darwin hybrids, Jaap Groot.  I like this combination much better, just lots of shades of yellow and white, with a touch of peach.  The Jaap Groot also have varigated leaves, which I’ve never seen before.  And the hybrid darwins are supposed to come back a little better than other tulips.  I also tried a tip I had read on Dave’s Garden last fall, I planted cloves of garlic in the trench with the tulips.  I think I threw in a small clove every 5 feet or so.  It was supposed to keep varmint away and it worked.  Not only did no one eat the bulbs underground, which wasn’t too much of a problem for me anyway, but no one chewed on the new foliage as they emerged this spring, which is a problem, I have bunnies around.

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