Threadleaf Japanese Maple   2 comments

Japanese maples are supposed to be slow growers but look at this. This is my Threadleaf Japanese Maple in the fall of 2006:


And look at it now:


It’s spilling over the sidewalk, and I’m standing a little farther away for the latest photo, that white column was out of the picture in 2006.  Pretty soon I’m going to have to prune it so we can walk on the sidewalk.  Has anyone ever pruned one of these?  Any tips for me?

This photo comparison also gives anyone who is thinking about planting one of these a great view of the colors you get. Beautiful spring green in the spring, and a lovely gold in the fall.


Posted June 15, 2009 by cindyeo in japanese maple tree

2 responses to “Threadleaf Japanese Maple

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  1. trim bottom, seal with paint

  2. ditto…you gotta see the trunk, otherwise it’s just a bunch of leaves

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