My babies leave the nest   2 comments

I guess it’s very apropos that 2 days before my own baby graduates from high school and prepares to leave our nest, our baby cardinals flew from their nest.  We’ve been watching a cardinal pair make and sit in a nest just about a foot from one of our windows in my climbing rose bush.  Before long we had 3 baby cardinals:

card 3

Who could sense when Mom or Dad was near with food:

card hungry

A couple days later, it was time to stretch the legs:

card doit

Cheered on by his siblings and Dad, the first one decides it’s time to go:

card youcandoit

Test the wings:

card first step

It was a bumpy landing, but he made it:

card phew

The proud parents were never far away:

card inflight

card proud parents

A little fuel for the next hop:

card fuel

card fuel2

Then Dad moves a little further away to encourage the final flight out of the rose bush:

card proud dad

Two remain, who’s next?

card two remain

After all the excitement, the remaining 2 decided to take a nap, there’s always tomorrow.  They were in the nest the next morning, but by the afternoon the nest was empty.  We were all very sad to see them go.  As I will be in August when my first child leaves the nest.

Thanks to my oldest daughter for these amazing photographs!


Posted June 6, 2009 by cindyeo in cardinal

2 responses to “My babies leave the nest

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog from Blotanical. These pictures are amazing! So glad I stopped by.

  2. Wow! Just getting into bird feeding and watching. I also have a cardinal nest with babies close to the house but not a great angle to see them from so I googled cardinal nest and found you. Amazing photos! Thank you for sharing.

    Jennifer (from Minnesota)

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