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Peaches   Leave a comment

So right now I have peaches:


We’ll see if I can keep the squirrels, bugs and birds away and get a couple ripe ones this fall.  I’m training it to grow espaliered flat  in a V shape.  There are raspberries behind the tree, so it’s hard to see, but so far the espalier is working great, I’m getting a lot of peaches.



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Petit Gardening   Leave a comment

petit shade

Don’t neglect the small spaces.  This area is only about 6 inches wide, and is in a shady courtyard in a city garden.  But it’s quite charming with the repetition of the small ferns and white flowers.  This is a great reminder that gardens don’t have to be about color, green and white keep things calm, especially in small spaces. Great garden! (It’s not mine)

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Threadleaf Japanese Maple   2 comments

Japanese maples are supposed to be slow growers but look at this. This is my Threadleaf Japanese Maple in the fall of 2006:


And look at it now:


It’s spilling over the sidewalk, and I’m standing a little farther away for the latest photo, that white column was out of the picture in 2006.  Pretty soon I’m going to have to prune it so we can walk on the sidewalk.  Has anyone ever pruned one of these?  Any tips for me?

This photo comparison also gives anyone who is thinking about planting one of these a great view of the colors you get. Beautiful spring green in the spring, and a lovely gold in the fall.

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My babies leave the nest   2 comments

I guess it’s very apropos that 2 days before my own baby graduates from high school and prepares to leave our nest, our baby cardinals flew from their nest.  We’ve been watching a cardinal pair make and sit in a nest just about a foot from one of our windows in my climbing rose bush.  Before long we had 3 baby cardinals:

card 3

Who could sense when Mom or Dad was near with food:

card hungry

A couple days later, it was time to stretch the legs:

card doit

Cheered on by his siblings and Dad, the first one decides it’s time to go:

card youcandoit

Test the wings:

card first step

It was a bumpy landing, but he made it:

card phew

The proud parents were never far away:

card inflight

card proud parents

A little fuel for the next hop:

card fuel

card fuel2

Then Dad moves a little further away to encourage the final flight out of the rose bush:

card proud dad

Two remain, who’s next?

card two remain

After all the excitement, the remaining 2 decided to take a nap, there’s always tomorrow.  They were in the nest the next morning, but by the afternoon the nest was empty.  We were all very sad to see them go.  As I will be in August when my first child leaves the nest.

Thanks to my oldest daughter for these amazing photographs!

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Great Entrances   Leave a comment

Here are some great front doors in the city:




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