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Let Amaryllis Provide Late Winter Color   Leave a comment


Amaryllis are so easy to grow and give such a great show in the late winter when you feel like spring will never get here.  If you receive one as a gift, keep it after it finishes blooming.  Cut the flower stalks down (watch out for water that will pour out of it) and keep the pot with the leaves in the house, watered, until it’s nice and warm outside.  Then I plant mine in my perennial garden, hidden behind some other plant.  Just let it grow all summer, it won’t do much, but it will be storing energy in its bulb.  Come September, I dig mine up, plant them back in a pot (a large one, they can get top-heavy when the tall flower stalk comes up), cut the leaves off, and stick it in my basement in the dark until Christmas.  After Christmas I bring the pots upstairs to a warm, sunny spot, water, and soon I see green shoots coming up (leaves).  Usually that is followed in a week or two with a fatter shoot, which is the flower bud.  They look nicest in groups of 3 or more in a large pot. This variety is called Amalfi.  Bella!


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Orchids, Orchids   1 comment


My orchids are blooming again.  The moth orchids are very easy to grow, don’t throw them away after blooming.  I cut the stems back to about 3 – 4″, leaving at least one node.  Water once a week, soaking them in the sink, then letting the water all drain out before putting them back in the windowsill.  After I’ve thoroughly wet the bark, I usually pour a little orchid fertilizer in, let it sit in that for a few minutes, then drain that as well, before returning the pot to the windowsill.  Mine are in a south window, although I don’t think they need that much sun, but since they are doing very well in their current location, I’m leaving them there.

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Container Color   Leave a comment


Here’s another nice container from my local Whole Food’s shopping center.  I like the use of foliage in this container, gives the eye a rest between the bright colors.

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Petunias for Everyone   5 comments


These are my petunia cuttings that I took around February 6.  I snipped off the tops of several branches from a petunia plant that I kept from last summer under a grow light in the basement.  I stripped the lower leaves off, leaving 2 leaves at the top for photosynthesis, and stuck the stems in damp seed starting soil.  I kept them in a plastic bag, occasionally opening it for a few hours to air it out, and in about 3 weeks I saw fresh growth.  I then transplanted the new plants into potting soil, and these are them today.  After I took this photo I pinched all the new leaf pairs, so the plants will get bushy.  I can’t believe how easy this was, I didn’t use any rooting hormone.  So now I’ve started a few more cuttings.  These plants are so much larger than ones I start from seeds.  I will have many nice plants to share with friends this summer.

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