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This photo was taken last summer of the huge containers around the Whole Foods near my house.  I’d love to know who they hire to do the gardening at that shopping center, because they do a fabulous job.  Can anyone help me identify these plants?  I see heliotrope marine smack dab in the middle (ridged green leaves  and deep purple flowers) and I’m thinking the raspberry colored flowers might be a small verbena?  Could the purple leaves be basil?  Anyone else know any of the others?

Posted February 25, 2009 by cindyeo in color combination, heliotrope, windowbox

3 responses to “Purple Container

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  1. The purple looks like Persian Shield.

  2. Cindy, one thing I noticed is that this has a lot more green in than most pots. That is not a criticism but the opposite, we don’t have to have a riot of colour to have a satisfying arrangement. Something to think about when planning this years containers. The blue flower in the back, I think, is a salivia.

    Thank you for posting this. Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  3. The deep purple flowers in the middle are an annual salvia. The dark blue on the rear right are of ‘black and blue” salvia, which is hardy in zones 7-10.

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