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Autumn Joy – And Spring and Summer   3 comments

I’ve really learned to appreciate sedum.  I used to think of it as just a fall flower.  But this year I noticed how pretty it was right from spring through now.  I made myself a note to plant small pink tulips to grow up through the pale green sedum in the spring.  And in the summer it is taller, healthy looking and still pale green and it provides a nice backdrop for the brighter colored summer flowers (see the previous post, notice the sedum in the background).  I do like the ever popular “autumn joy”.  I have another one that’s about the same height, but the flowers are more purpley, and I prefer the dusty rose color of the autumn joy.  Then I have a shorter one, about 6″, which doesn’t stand upright, but flops over my pathway, which is nice. It’s flowers are darker than the autumn joy, more of a wine color. And I just bought a new one this year which is really short, about 1/2″, and it hasn’t bloomed at all.  I’m not sure if it’s supposed to, but it makes a nice fill-in for the front of the border.  Sedums are very easy to start from cuttings, that’s how I started the 6″ one, just stick a couple cuttings in some loose soil, don’t let it get too wet. And my favorite thing about sedum is all the bees it attracts when it’s blooming.  I just love sitting in my garden watching the bees go in and out, it’s so calming to me, I’m not sure why, but I can spend 5 or 10 minutes just staring at the sedum.


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