Oriental Lilies – Stargazer   1 comment

I planted this stargazer lily a couple years ago because I like the color.  I didn’t stop to think about how great it is until this year when I realized how late oriental lilies bloom.  This photo was taken on August 2 in my garden in Massachusetts.  This is long after most perennials have finished blooming.  And this is also after the Asiatic liles bloom, so in my case, I didn’t have to worry about my red orange Asiatics clashing with my pink Stargazers.

So this summer, I bought a couple more stargazers on sale after they bloomed and I’m planning on getting some pure white, probably Casablanca, this fall or order them over the winter.  Oriental liles have huge blooms and beautiful color. One word of caution, be careful in the spring. I had 2 coming up in spring, but one day when they were just under the surface of the soil, I accidentally knocked the top off of one of them (about an inch) when I was moving some soil around. It never grew back this year. I’m not sure if it will come up next year, or if I killed it forever.

Don’t forget Oriental lilies for a big splash in late summer!


Posted August 29, 2008 by cindyeo in forget-me-not, lily

One response to “Oriental Lilies – Stargazer

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  1. How lucky to have them so late in the season! They draw night visitors like sphinx moths and luna moths…very cool!

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