The Payoff   1 comment

After weeks of hard work, the garden finally rewards you.  This is a view of my gardens taken along the back of my house.  This photo was taken on July 1 and I’d probably say this is peak, although I do have annuals and some late blooming perenials still to come.  In the foreground on the left side is a clematis, Huldine.  Then there are blue delphiniums and gold daylilies.  Behind that is a pot of fushia on a pedestal, red bee balm (monarda) and magenta rose campion (lychnis coronaria).  To the right of the cat is my greens garden, mostly all you can see is the bush basil that I grow around the edge and the arugula patch right next to the cat.  To the left of the cat I have 2 tomato plants growing on either side of that ladder trellis.  Not the most effective system to grow tomatoes, but I needed something attractive since this is also a flower garden.  Behind the cat are some deep orange/red lilies, I think the variety had the word fire in it, and the rose garden behind that.  Always some notes for next year – I think I’ll move the red bee balm and the blue delphinium closer together and make sure I have some white nicotiana (there’s one behind the chair) started early enough to be blooming for the 4th of July!


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  1. How pretty! I love all the windows along the back of your house. I am rather window poor.

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