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Here’s a view of my purple garden taken a couple days ago.  The lavender ground flocks and allium are both just about gone by.  The purple salvia was on my property when I bought the house, and I’ve been searching for several years to figure out what it is exactly.  I’ve decided it’s May Night salvia.  It’s a great plant.  It starts blooming (for me) around the first of June.  And if you keep it deadheaded, it will bloom all summer.  It also self seeds (which it won’t if you deadhead, but leave the last ones on in the fall), so I occasionally get a couple new plants, not so many that it’s annoying, just one or two each spring.  I highly recommend this plant, the foliage stays nice looking all summer.


Posted June 8, 2008 by cindyeo in garden, salvia

6 responses to “Purple Garden

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  1. My favorite color in the garden for flowers is purple! I always start with purple and blue flowers and then add from there. Your plot is lovely!

  2. I love my May Night salvia. Your purple garden is lovely.

  3. Beautiful purples! My favorite color in the garden as well!

  4. I have many purple, perennial plants in my garden. Every “winter” I plant a container with purple pansies. Your purple border looks good. Salvias are great plants!

  5. Brilliant!

  6. Purple is such a wonderful color in the garden…and thee slavia are lovely. I also love the clematis below. I have recently begun trying clematis and agree they are a great addition. I have a new one with huge white blossoms climbing on an obelisk with a peach rose. The height adds a lot to a bed.
    Remember a few months ago when I asked for advice on a fence? Well we have been building a custom fence for our front garden, Stop by and see. It should all come together in the next 2 weeks as the local Garden Tour is coming through then!

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