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Time to Trim the Asters   2 comments

For asters to be nice and full in the fall, you must cut them back now.  My rule of thumb is to cut them back twice, but never after the 4th of July.  This year I just did them about 4 days ago, so I think that will be it for this year, I won’t have time to cut them again, or they won’t bloom until October.  Here’s a photo of my tall New England asters behind the lavender bearded iris (which I just planted last fall to hide the aster’s lower foliage, which gets a fugus every year.  I try to control it with a garlic oil spray, which does help, but the lower leaves still turn brown).  The photo below is when I am half way done cutting them back, the front has been cut, the back is still tall. The last step will be to put a grow through system in. Mine have gotten too big for store bought grow-through hoops, so I put 4 stakes around them and criss-cross some green string around and through them.



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Purple Garden   6 comments

Here’s a view of my purple garden taken a couple days ago.  The lavender ground flocks and allium are both just about gone by.  The purple salvia was on my property when I bought the house, and I’ve been searching for several years to figure out what it is exactly.  I’ve decided it’s May Night salvia.  It’s a great plant.  It starts blooming (for me) around the first of June.  And if you keep it deadheaded, it will bloom all summer.  It also self seeds (which it won’t if you deadhead, but leave the last ones on in the fall), so I occasionally get a couple new plants, not so many that it’s annoying, just one or two each spring.  I highly recommend this plant, the foliage stays nice looking all summer.

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Clematis Guernsey Cream   4 comments

I think this is my favorite of the clematis that I own.  It’s called Guernsey Cream, and it’s one of the earliest clematis to bloom.  I have this on the north side of my house, it only gets an hour or two of early morning sun.  I just love the creamy color.  The reason I love clematis is actually because most of them bloom later in the summer, after the majority of the perenials have finished blooming (unlike this one).  To get a later blooming variety, look for a type 3.  These bloom on new wood, so you prune them hard at the end of the winter and they grow very quickly, and for me, bloom in July.  This Guernsey Cream is a type 2 (sometimes called group B).  It blooms on both old and new wood, but mostly old, which is what you see in the picture.  The other feature of clematis is they grow up, and don’t take up a lot of garden space. Most avid gardeners are always running out of room. And I say this is my favorite that I own, because I’ve had my eye on a pure white one that I see every year in front of someone’s house in my town.  I’m not sure which variety it is, the flowers are very large.  This year I’m going to get a photo and try to figure it out.

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Allee   Leave a comment

This is a driveway in my town.  I love allees.  When done well, they make quite a statement as you are introduced to a property.  I would really love this one if the trees ran down both sides of this long driveway.  This photo is from May 19, not current.

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