Flowering Quince   5 comments

One of the highlights of my spring is the blooming of the flowering quince.  It’s not a particularly beautiful bush, kind of straggly in fact.  I guess it’s the color – a dark salmon – that you don’t see too often that attracts me.  This bush is in a friend’s yard, mine isn’t this large yet, and isn’t really worthy of a photo. 


Posted May 10, 2008 by cindyeo in garden, quince

5 responses to “Flowering Quince

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  1. I’ve had the same thoughts about some of my plants. It’s nice that you could find a substitute subject to photograph!

  2. Ohhhh, I remember one of those in the yard from my childhood. I guess I haven’t seen them often because I didn’t know what it was called! Lovely color blossoms.

  3. I like to grow one in my garden …would you know where I could get one to plant? Can they survive in Perth?

  4. My quince just finished flowering. I live in southern Ohio so it usually blooms in early to mid April. My quince seems to bloom more each year. Of course I trim it each spring after it blooms, that may have something to do with the profusion of blossoms. It seems to bloom on the old wood, so each year there is more old wood as the shrub gets older. I trim it into a ball each spring, then let it go for the rest of the year.

    I didn’t know what kind of shrub it was, but a friend suggested it might be a flower quince, so I googled it and voila!!!


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