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Spring Color   Leave a comment

I like this color combination at my neighbor’s house.  Allysum Basket of Gold needs a wall or hill to tumble over, like it is here.  Unfortunately, I don’t have either on my property, so I haven’t put any in, although I do think it’s very cheery in the spring.


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Bradford Pear Trees   3 comments

The flowering pears in my area are gorgeous this year.  Look at them lining this street in a nearby town.  I assume these are Bradford pear trees.  I’ve planted some Chanticler pear trees in my backyard, after looking at some photos in a Penelope Hobhouse book.  Here’s what they look like now, I’m hoping to keep these pruned so they stay small, the variety is supposed to be narrower and more columnar than the Bradfords.  They’re so small now you can hardly see them.

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Shrinking Violets   Leave a comment

Don’t I wish they were shrinking.  I love to look at violets in the spring, but they are invasive.  Having never had them on my property before, when I bought this property, I purposely left them in a few clumps in my garden.  Well, thousands of violets later, I’ve learned my lesson.  So last summer I tenaciously dug up as many as I could, and this spring I’ve vowed to deadhead or pick every last violet that blooms.  I do love the way they look at the bottom of my granite steps, but I’m afraid they’ll become too big, so after these finish blooming they’ll have to go.  If anyone has any advice on how to enjoy A FEW violets, please leave me a comment.

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Sailboat Narcissus   3 comments

These are “Sailboat” narcissus.  This is the first year I’ve had them and I really like them.  Because the petals really bend back, they do look like little sails blowing in the breeze.

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Spring Bulb Color   2 comments

Here is the first version of my spring windowbox.  Last fall I planted lots of bulbs in 2 windowbox shaped tubs and kept them in the unheated garage all winter.  Had to cover them with newspaper in the late winter, as they started to emerge a little too soon.  Right now you can see the hyacinth, Pink Pearl, and narcissus, Pacific Coast.  Then I added a couple blue pansies from 6 packs that I bought this spring. There are also tulips that will bloom a little later.

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Make Me Smile   2 comments

For about a week or two every spring I can’t help but smile no matter what mood I’m in when I drive by this mass of daffodils planted by some very nice people all along the golf course in my town.  It’s a beautiful sight and adds a little sunshine to my day no matter what the weather.

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California Dreamin’   Leave a comment

Since it’s still pretty cold in my New England yard, and there’s not all that much to look at, I’m still dreaming of my trip to California. These 2 photos were snapped in Santa Monica, when we were walking around and kind of lost. But you can always find something good in any adventure and I discovered these 2 hidden gardens.

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