Crocus Surprise   2 comments


After a day of downpours yesterday, today is sunny, but windy and cold in Massachusetts.  I went outside to photograph my snowdrops which I noticed were up a few days ago.  On my way back into the house, I noticed that my first clump of crocus were up and blooming.  I always plant a clump in a very protected area on the south side of my house, so they will be sure to bloom nice and early.  And these have not failed me yet.  Right next to the concrete foundation, these stay nice and warm and bloom extra early.Here are the snowdrops, which are not in a protected area.



Posted March 9, 2008 by cindyeo in bulbs, crocus, garden, snowdrops

2 responses to “Crocus Surprise

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  1. Those crocus are amazing! It seems like they are little birds in a nest all chirping “It’s Spring!”

  2. Hi!
    I have looked at you blog and I think it is a nice one.
    wery fine pick on your crokus.
    Happy Easter
    Ken from Sweden

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