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Meyer Lemon Tree   7 comments


My lemon tree has been holding on to 3 lemons all winter.  It looks like they are finally turning yellow, but the 2 smaller ones are turning yellow without growing to full size.  That can’t be good.  If anyone has any luck growing a Meyer Lemon in a pot, please leave me some comments with some helpful tips.  Mine is actually doing pretty good this winter, I usually lose a lot of leaves.  It does have some sort of bugs, so every couple weeks I put it in my shower and give it a good spray.  That works for a while, but about a month later, I notice the sticky stuff on the leaves again.  When I was in California last week, I noticed that the potted orange trees had blossoms, green oranages and orange oranges all at the same time.  I’m lucky to get one or two lemons a year on my tree.


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Ice Plant   1 comment


Here is another gorgeous plant at the Huntington Garden.  My friend told me it is “ice plant”, I couldn’t find a sign to get the latin name, it’s probably buried beneath all those magenta flowers.  This flower was all over the cactus garden.  So I looked up ice plant online and came up with 2 – Delosperma and Cylindrophyllum, which I see are both members of the Aizoaceae Family.  Does anyone know which this is?

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More Huntington Succulents   1 comment


I loved the Cactus Garden at Huntington Botantical Gardens.  This is Aeonium arboreum ‘Atropurpureum’.   I love the contrast between the foliage and flower color.  Unfortunately, aeoniums can’t be grown in my zone 6 area, although I just read that it can be hardy from 25 – 30 degrees, so I guess it can take a little frost.  There were so many succulents in bloom this weekend, I was surprised how colorful it was.

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Huntington Cactus   2 comments


I had the opportunity to see the Huntington Gardens near Pasadena today while on my vacation in California.  The cactus garden was very colorful.

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Crocus Surprise   2 comments


After a day of downpours yesterday, today is sunny, but windy and cold in Massachusetts.  I went outside to photograph my snowdrops which I noticed were up a few days ago.  On my way back into the house, I noticed that my first clump of crocus were up and blooming.  I always plant a clump in a very protected area on the south side of my house, so they will be sure to bloom nice and early.  And these have not failed me yet.  Right next to the concrete foundation, these stay nice and warm and bloom extra early.Here are the snowdrops, which are not in a protected area.


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Lettuce Rejoice   Leave a comment


The first crop of spring, grown indoors, under lights.  Soon, I’ll plant more outside, but for now, it’s nice to have fresh, organic greens.

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Forcing Spring   4 comments


Last fall I planted a lot of bulbs in my yard.  About 400.  Well, actually 392.  8 of them went into pots and I am enjoying them now.  I think I waited a couple days too long to take a photo of the hyacinths above.  And the other 5 are daffodills and they haven’t bloomed yet, photo of them later.  This is the time of year you appreciate those blooming house plants.  Here are a few others that I have:azalea-pot.jpg

This azalea has bloomed for me for many years.  If someone gives you an azalea in a pot, don’t throw it away after it’s done blooming, put it outside for the summer, keep it watered, bring it in in the fall, and this is what you’ll get next winter.  You probably should give it some fresh dirt, and you probably should give it some fertilizer over the summer, I think I gave this a little fish emulsion when it was outside, I don’t think I gave it any fresh dirt, so that’s an action item for this spring.


Same thing with orchids, especially these moth orchids, very easy to get them to bloom again.  This is the third year of blooms for this one.  After they finish blooming the first time, I cut the stalk back, but not all the way to the ground.  Soon, you will see a new shoot and it will bloom again.  Then after that, I cut it all the way down, because it was getting pretty ugly.  It took longer, but now I have new blossoms.  I water my orchids once a week, by putting them in the sink and giving them a good soak.  Let all the water drain out, give it a splash of diluted orchid fertilizer, let that drain out, too, and return them to the window.  Mine are in a south window, but I don’t think this variety is supposed to need that much sun.


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