Asters – Must haves for fall   1 comment


While everyone is perusing their catalogs and getting their orders ready for spring, I have to put my plug in for asters.  This hardy perennial comes out in the fall, when all the annuals are getting very tired, and the June perennials are long gone.  I have some tall New England asters (there’s a photo on my November 24 post) which are the traditional purple color most people think of when they think asters.  I also have this very small white flowering aster.  The plant is about 2 feet tall, but the flowers are less than 1/2″, you can get a little of that perspective from the bumble bee in the photo.  And that’s one of my favorite things about asters, the bees (and butterflies) love them.  I can sit for quite a while and just watch the bees flit from flower to flower.  It’s very calming to me.  My kids think I’m crazy, but try it sometime.


Posted February 13, 2008 by cindyeo in aster, garden

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  1. Hi, Stopping by from Blotanical. You have a lovely blog here, will be back to visit again.
    Thanks for the book suggestions…still some time to do some reading before spring hits here. 😉

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