Red Sunset Maple   2 comments


This is our new tree.   It is a Red Sunset Maple.  I took this picture about 4 days ago, and today it has absolutely no leaves.  Amazing what one windy day will do!  I have to thank Julie Walton Shaver and her website, for helping me choose this beautiful tree.  My landscaper called us from the nursery and said he could get us a red sunset, do we want it?  So I searched for Red Sunset Maple and came across Julie’s photo diary of her tree.  She had the amazing presense of mind to photograph her tree, from the exact same spot, at different times of the year for about 5 years.  It showed me exactly what it will look like, and we decided that that was the tree for us.  Thanks, Julie


Posted October 28, 2007 by cindyeo in maple tree

2 responses to “Red Sunset Maple

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  1. superb i may buv one for my garden in the uk

  2. I planted one today – also based on the recommendation from Julie. I can’t wait for it to get big and even more beautiful (it’s already a gorgeous tree).

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