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This is my arugula at the end of the season.  I planted it in succession, but didn’t pull out the older plants and they kept growing all summer.  Even though I guess they did bolt, there are flowers, the leaves didn’t taste bitter, they just got larger.  So I’ve been eating the older plants.  I love the taste of arugula (though I think it is an acquired taste) and now I’ve found a variety that’s very easy to grow.  Some of the other ones I’ve tried before were very small leaved.  I got this seed packet in 2006 from an Italian seed company.  The packet is huge, the seeds were still good a year later, and the plants were gorgeous.  This plant is also known as rocket, roquette and rucula, depending on what country you are in.


Posted October 15, 2007 by cindyeo in arugula, garden

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  1. cindyeo, I too love arugula and mine has grown year round from one planting, though the leaves are coming back smaller it seems. From which Italian seed company did you order as the larger the leaf, the happier my pallet!

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