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I have finally had success with raspberries.  I learned from my father, a great gardener, that you should devote your time to growing things that are either expensive to buy in the grocery store (like beets), or that you can’t buy in the grocery store (like homegrown tomatoes and strawberries).   Raspberries are very expensive, and I never thought all that difficult to grow.  I think it was just a Murphy’s Law thing for me and raspberries.  First I planted them too close to the wooded/bramble edge of my previous property.   They all grew back into the brambles and I couldn’t get to them.   Then we moved to my present property a few years ago, and last spring I finally bought some more raspberry canes.  I planted them in a stupid place, next to the driveway, in front of the lilacs.  They didn’t do very well.  So this spring I ordered 6 more canes, moved the 2 or 3 that did survive from last year, and now, in October, I have many raspberries!  I bought 2 varieties, Heritage, which fruits on new canes, and Taylor, which I think fruits on both old and new, I’ve got to double check that one.  Anyway, one of them is giving me beautiful berries, much later in the season than I expected.  But I’m not complaining.


Posted October 7, 2007 by cindyeo in raspberries

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