Herbs have great textural interest   6 comments


This is my herb garden (except that red weed in the bottom of the photo).  I love how all the different textures blend together.


Posted October 3, 2007 by cindyeo in garden, herbs

6 responses to “Herbs have great textural interest

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  1. looks like it could be tough soil there? a fine healthy bed of edibles

    well done

  2. You know, I noticed that when I put this picture up. It’s not as bad as it looks. I think because this is so close to the path that a lot of the stones get kicked in. The soil’s not great, but this looks terrible.

  3. It’s a lovely photograph.
    Im a Pediatrician-herbalist and I’m interested in all things herbal.

  4. it’s a good pic – my herb garden was planted in pretty much the same type soil. It’s good to see ‘real’ pics rather than picture perfect. The thyme looks new and very healthy; the chives look really good, some yellowing of the stems but thats normal… it’s a really real gardeners garden – of interest!
    Do you have any garlic planted in there?

    slán go foill

  5. No garlic yet, I did order some, but I haven’t gotten it yet. Maybe the mail order company forgot me.

  6. just get a clove split it into a singlet and pop one below the soil! simple – as you would any bulb…. but split it first. get it in any supermarket

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