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Red Sunset Maple   2 comments


This is our new tree.   It is a Red Sunset Maple.  I took this picture about 4 days ago, and today it has absolutely no leaves.  Amazing what one windy day will do!  I have to thank Julie Walton Shaver and her website, for helping me choose this beautiful tree.  My landscaper called us from the nursery and said he could get us a red sunset, do we want it?  So I searched for Red Sunset Maple and came across Julie’s photo diary of her tree.  She had the amazing presense of mind to photograph her tree, from the exact same spot, at different times of the year for about 5 years.  It showed me exactly what it will look like, and we decided that that was the tree for us.  Thanks, Julie


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Rosemary Topiary Today   Leave a comment


Here is my rosemary topiary today.  I’ve been clipping it a little at a time, and it’s starting to turn into a ball.

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Rosemary Topiary   3 comments


It’s not that difficult to make a topiary out of rosemary.  I had a young plant at the beginning of the summer.  I snipped all the shoots off the sides, only leaving the ones at the top.  I staked it to train it to grow straight and tall.  Over the summer, whenever I needed a little rosemary for cooking, I would trim it, working at a ball shape.  This photo is before I started trimming it.  Now it’s looking much better, I’ll take another photo and post it tomorrow.

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Rodrigo y Gabriela in Boston   Leave a comment


I must digress from my usual gardening blog to tell you about Rodrigo and Gabriela.  In case you don’t know them, they are 2 native Mexican guitar players who didn’t make it big until they moved to Ireland about 8 years ago. I went to their concert Wednesday night in Boston and they blew me away.  Probably the best concert I’ve ever been to.  This was their first concert in over a month, they had to cancel a bunch of dates because Gabriela needed to rest, the word was exhaustion.  Now I understand why.  This woman puts her heart and soul into her music, she is the entire rhythm section and she plays percussion and bass at the same time.  Rodrigo is fabulous on lead guitar.  They get the crowd involved, from clapping to singing to pulling someone out of the audience to play the guitar (Rodrigo claims it was not a set up, I’m not sure about that).  I originally thought I might leave the concert early, because I wasn’t sure how long I could sit and listen to Spanish guitar, I figured it would all sound the same after a while.  But this was enthralling – Spanish/flamenco/rock.  I loved it and stayed to the bitter end.  I highly recommend you go to see them if they come to your city.  Check out their website, watch and listen to a few clips, make sure you click “watch”.   I borrowed their picture from there, I figured they wouldn’t mind the free publicity.

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Sweet Pea   1 comment


This was the best year I ever had for sweet peas.  I think because I planted them in a section of the garden that gets afternoon shade.  Other years they got sun all day and it must have been too hot for them.  Either that, or it’s the variety I planted for the first time this year, Cupani’s Original.  I’ve never had them grow taller than 2 feet and this year they were very tall.  They are finished now.

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Arugula   1 comment


This is my arugula at the end of the season.  I planted it in succession, but didn’t pull out the older plants and they kept growing all summer.  Even though I guess they did bolt, there are flowers, the leaves didn’t taste bitter, they just got larger.  So I’ve been eating the older plants.  I love the taste of arugula (though I think it is an acquired taste) and now I’ve found a variety that’s very easy to grow.  Some of the other ones I’ve tried before were very small leaved.  I got this seed packet in 2006 from an Italian seed company.  The packet is huge, the seeds were still good a year later, and the plants were gorgeous.  This plant is also known as rocket, roquette and rucula, depending on what country you are in.

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A new bed of strawberries   Leave a comment


Yesterday I dug up all the old strawberry plants, replenished the soil with compost, and planted new plants (from the runners).  I usually do one row at a time, so it’s not such a big job, but I had neglected to do anything at all for 2 years, and it was time to replace both rows.  Ideally, you replace one row a year, and then next year you’ll have mature plants giving lots of berries and new plants giving large, but not so many berries.  Strawberry plants really only last about 3 years and then they get tired.  But they put out lots of free runners.  A little bit of work every fall, and you’ll have sweet juicy strawberries every June.  You CANNOT buy these in a grocery store!

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