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Since it’s getting to be spring bulb planting time, here’s a picture of my cutting garden.  It is crescent shaped, it borders a circle of lawn.  In the front I plant daylilies, several different types mixed together to stretch out the daylily season.  Behind that I’ve always planted tulips, and then after they bloom, I dig them up and plant my gladiolus, throwing the tulips away.  Behind that is a path and then zinnias, Mexican sunflowers and regular sunflowers.  This fall I’m going to plant some daffodils directly behind the daylilies, because they won’t need to be dug up every year, and the daylily foliage will hide the dying daffodil foliage.  Then I’ll put some tulips behind those.  The key to this garden is quantity.  I had to use 4 packages of zinnia seeds to get it to look full, and I planted about 100 glad corms.


Posted September 25, 2007 by cindyeo in daffodil, daylily, garden, gladiolus, sunflower, tulip, zinnia

3 responses to “Garden for all seasons

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  1. I love your gardens! Thank you 🙂
    Miranda from Toronto, Canada

  2. Hi, Your Garden is truly beautiful..I dont have all that space. I am trying some Gladiolus this year. I planted the corms around end of April. How long does it usually take for it to bloom? Thanks.

  3. Gagi,
    I also plant my glads at the very end of April and usually see blooms late July/early August. It depends on the varieties you planted, some are early, others later.

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