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Garden for all seasons   3 comments

Since it’s getting to be spring bulb planting time, here’s a picture of my cutting garden.  It is crescent shaped, it borders a circle of lawn.  In the front I plant daylilies, several different types mixed together to stretch out the daylily season.  Behind that I’ve always planted tulips, and then after they bloom, I dig them up and plant my gladiolus, throwing the tulips away.  Behind that is a path and then zinnias, Mexican sunflowers and regular sunflowers.  This fall I’m going to plant some daffodils directly behind the daylilies, because they won’t need to be dug up every year, and the daylily foliage will hide the dying daffodil foliage.  Then I’ll put some tulips behind those.  The key to this garden is quantity.  I had to use 4 packages of zinnia seeds to get it to look full, and I planted about 100 glad corms.


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Morning Glory   Leave a comment

Morning glories are great late summer treats.  You have to plant a bunch of them to get a nice full display.  I plant about 6 plants on each side of my arch which also has clematis and climbing roses.  The roses bloom in June, the clematis in July, and the morning glories start to get going in August.  I put a bunch of seeds on a damp paper towel.  Then I fold it up, put it in a sandwich ziploc bag, and set it on top of my cable box for 24 hours.  It helps to leave yourself a note somewhere so you don’t forget it.  Check it carefully and see if roots are starting to burst out of the seed, if not, leave it for another 24 hours, etc, until the majority of the seeds have sprouted.  Then carefully plant the sprouted seeds where you want your morning glories.  You may have to tear a little bit of paper towel so you don’t break the root.  Water religiously until they get going, and beware of bunnies, I lost an entire crop one year to bunnies, so now I put a little wire fence around them, just until they get about 3 feet tall.

I usually plant Heavenly Blue, the traditional morning glory color.  But my roses and clematis are pink, so I thought I’d try the pink ones this year.  These are a couple extras which I planted in my perennial garden and they just happened to end up next to the baby’s breath and forget-me-nots, which made a nice color combination.

And they really do only open in the morning, by afternoon they are closed up.  I love that!

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Never Fail   Leave a comment


Nasturtiums are another great never fail annual.  Plant the seeds directly outside in spring and you’ll have great color all summer.  This picture shows 2 varieties, you can see one is darker red, the other variety is the orange and yellow.  The first year it was an accident that I planted the orange nasturtiums near the purple salvia.  I’m not sure exactly what that plant is, the previous owner of my property had planted it.  And it bloomed in the spring, I assumed that was it, but if you cut back the dead flower stalks, you get more… and more…. and more….all summer.  So the orange and purple were blooming at the same time, and I liked the combination.  Now I plant the nasturtiums there every year.  And you can see a couple brussel sprouts plants.  They didn’t do very well in this location, I don’t think it gets enough sun.

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Profusion   1 comment


These are orange profusion zinnias.  I’ve admired these in other people’s gardens and windowboxes and this year I grew them myself.  Great flower to go from summer into the fall.

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Butterflies are floating   Leave a comment


This picture was taken last year when the Monarchs migrated by my house one day in late September.  I had over 50 of them on my 2 clumps of New England asters.  The next day they were gone.  It was a beautiful sight.  I have seen one or two butterflies lately, but my asters aren’t blooming yet this year.  I hope they remember to stop by again.

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Fireball   Leave a comment


I just love zinnias, they are the clown in the garden.  Bright, colorful, gaudy.  My daughter took this photo, you can look at her other work on her photo blog, For Your Eyes Only.  The link is on my sidebar.

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Tiny dancer   Leave a comment


This is a tassel flower.  I love this old fashioned flower, similar to Indian Paintbrush that you knew as a kid, only taller.  It’s usually red, although I’ve had one or two mutant orange ones.  I like to plant them around plants that don’t bloom in the summer, like my tomatoes (I mix vegetables and flowers together), or next to my peonies which are done by the middle of June.  The tassel flower starts in July and goes all summer.  It self-seeds, so you don’t have to plant it again, you have to move them around and sometimes be tough and yank them out.  It’s very delicate, blows in the wind, and is great here and there to add a little bit of color.

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