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I love the hot, bright colors in July and August.  I think pastels are pretty in spring, but when the weather gets hot you need some vibrant color in the garden.  This picture shows some orange profusion zinnias, which I grew from seed, very easy to do, and some purple wave petunias, also grown from seed.  Even though the color is magenta, you have to buy the purple wave.  To get purple petunias, you have to buy the blue wave.  Then in the background I did buy some yellow celosia plants to fill in a hole, and I bought a “Proven Winner” blue lobelia because I saw on a gardening show that they have perfected the lobelia so it doesn’t die out in the summer.  And they were right, this one is still going strong in mid-August.  It did stop blooming, so I sheared it off, and about a week and a half later it was blue again.  The little black eyed susan flowers are called creeping zinnia, they self seed every year, although you need to transplant about 3 of them together to get a bushy effect.


Posted August 12, 2007 by cindyeo in color combination, garden, lobelia, petunia, zinnia

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